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10 Nov

Inflection in the ideological social political debate at 205-year history.

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By: Freddy Marcial Ramos.

Respectable readers and readers.

      Today more than ever our Venezuelan homeland goes through "A great turning point in social political ideological debate"; from the year 1810 through present 2015, have passed 205 years of political, ideological and social historical struggle to achieve our definitive independence; that ideological political debate given by Venezuelan society in 189 years (1.810-1999), as is well known, "Independence wars" were raised between the years (1810-1830); fights in which faced velezanos (as) homeland anti, who defended the Empire administered by the colonial Spanish royalty with support of the "pigeon imperial pro" known today as the "Empire capitalist neo liberal and neo colonial U.S.-EU"; and Venezuelans (ACE) truly Patriots masterfully led by our General liberator Supreme Chief Simón Bolívar with the unconditional support of the generals: Francisco de Miranda, Antonio José de Sucre and other no less important generals, who led the troops our "great Ejercito libertador", than with the sacrifice of thousands of lives and property of Venezuelans (ACE), managed Six Nations today called "incomplete independence" : Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and (Panama country that territorially belonged to Colombia when the division of the Gran Colombia is given) and then achieved its apparent "independence" on November 28, 1821.

       After having partially achieved our apparent independence and national sovereignty, by ambitions of power, military and politicians eternal anti Venezuelans (as) homeland, exogenously coordinated by the Governors of the United States, continue with armed clashes in flames "Federal wars - yellow and blue", which continued to sacrifice human lives and maintaining our Venezuelan homeland in a great economic backwardness and scientific development technological, educational and socio-cultural; historical period known as the "Venezuela agricultural", that despite the onset of oil exploitation in the month of July of the year 1914, remained overdue development economic, educational and cultural partner in our country, until the governmental period of dictatorship imperialist semi of the Gral. Marcos Pérez Jiménez (1948-1958); After the historical facts inspired the 23 of January of the year 1958, which produced the collapse of the perejimenista regime, starts the supposedly democratic period, through electoral processes which only involved political factors of right-wing and ultra right-wing ideology, since the Government of the democratic action party chaired by Rómulo Betancourt, issues a presidential decree with rank value and force of law, which is outlawed the Communist Party of Venezuela and other leftist ideology factors, participate freely in political proselytizing activities, flagrantly violating the content of the Constitution of the Republic of Venezuela, adopted in the year 1961, said Magna Carta is drawn up and approved "in right-wing political cenacles meeting".

       The governmental period called "Puntofijista", which extends from 1958 to 1998  (40 years); years in which alternately ruled the now almost extinct democratic action political organizations and COPEY, predominantly and uninterrupted, was controlled politically and economically by the US empire, since the project governance of the Republic of Venezuela, originally was drawn up and approved in New York, media was known with the name "New York Agreement"; then the right-wing political factors, eternal sepoys pitiyanquis faithful respaldadores of foreign economic policy of the State Department of the United States, gather in the fifth called "Punto Fijo" property of Dr. Rafael Caldera, for re approve the Pact, which changed the name of the "Pact of New York", by the "Covenant of point fixed"; the content of the Pact of governance, you are guaranteed the gringo Empire, appropriated through their business emporiums, oil resources, ferriferos, gold and other natural resources, it had guaranteed by a legal establishment for the protection of their property; In addition to guarantee intervention in the indirect directionality of the armed forces of our country and the participation in the design of the political plans - economic of the Venezuelan nation.

      But all that Heavenly historical period that allowed him to the USA-EU Empire, appropriated through the looting of our natural resources and of human effort work, during 90 years of Republican history (1908-1998), culminating with the sovereign decision of the Venezuelan people to choose our giant WTDC. Ex President Hugo Chávez Frías, as conductor leader's deep legal reforms economic, educational and social of our homeland Venezuelan, since under the leadership of the WTDC. Chavez, will write a new Magna Carta called Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - Constitution, which has allowed the reform of the State and its legal establishment, oriented to convert once and for all our Venezuelan in a truly independent sovereign Republic homeland; Unfortunately the eternal homeland anti pro Yankees and colonialist pro, Bolivarian, use all its economic power and media to deceive and confuse the unwary economically weak people and a good part of the lower middle class (small bourgeois), so support them in their evil coup conspirative plans; to make more effective these plans have managed to penetrate the ranks of the Socialist Revolution, with "Alleged revolutionary Chavez" which assume extreme corrupt behavior in the various administrative institutions of the Venezuelan socialist revolutionary State; political strategy that has helped NGOs coordinated and financed by the U.S. State Department, give reasons to the Empire gringo, so the Congress of that imperial country and its President Barak Husein Obama, enact shouldnít administrative and political measures, today 205 years after our independence luchadisima, leads us to continue with an extreme inflection in the political, ideological and social debate.

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