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13 Dec

In the United States they govern criminal hawks, the head of State is a "puppet".

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By: Freddy Martial Ramos.

Respectable Readers,

     Wlack and WhiteSince the so-called "President of the US" Dr. Barak Obama, under pressure from the business lobby potentate far-right "Hawk Warrior" and its representatives in Congress that imperial nation in both chambers, issued a decree threatening against our country in which our nation arises "revolutionary Venezuela represented an unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the USA"; that notorious and communicational public statement from Mr. Obama, is one of many complementary interventionist actions "targeted communications war, economic blockade, sabotage its oil economy and endogenous economic development, terrorist attacks against industrial facilities, assassinations of prominent leaders revolutionary political etc. "politicians (as) right-thinking ultra hawk Zionist criminals, anchored in the upper managements emporiums of arms, military, oil and communications industry, with the close cooperation of political operatives also ultra rightist criminals Latin America and Europe, closely linked to national business ultra rightist bourgeoisie which has also been "extreme and eternal conspiracy, coup, saboteur, terrorist and criminal"; therefore they have taken all conspiratorial actions to defeat the government's de facto power by violent means, to our socialist revolutionary process led as is well known by our Cmdt. eternal and supreme Hugo Chavez since he won the presidential elections in 1998 and assumed the presidential term from Dr. Rafael Caldera in January 1999, presidential functions exercised continuously for almost 14 years, being re-elected in vote free, secret and universal supervised by the CNE as rector of the Electoral Power and the suppliers of the various guests to ensure the legitimacy of these elections national and international electoral bodies organ exercised by the majority sovereign people of Venezuela until December in 2012, when he had to leave the presidential power involuntarily compelled his painful and deadly disease that led to his untimely death on 05 March of the same year 2012.

    As is well known Mr. Nicolas Maduro as Executive Vice President and in accordance with the provisions of Chapter II Articles 233 to 235 and the ruling of the Constitutional Chamber of the TSJ joint presentation, File No. 13-0196, which arises from several considerations the following "So that by not evident of Article 231 and Article 233 eiusdem question of an absolute absence, it must be concluded that any failure to attend the inauguration scheduled for January 10, 2013 no extinguished or cancels the new mandate to exercise the Presidency of the Republic, nor invalidate it had held ". I do all this introductory comment, because the Pentagon, the Executive authority is Represented? by the President of that country, strictly controlled by the US Congress, with its political intelligence bodies such as the CIA, the FBI and intelligence computer, using various NGOs as "mercenary Contractors" for him do the dirty work as it pertains to mental alienation of poor people and middle class, through the powerful social communication network (radio, print, TV, movies, Twitter, Fasccebbok, Seal, Instagram, Wasap, emails etc. ) in order to convince disaffected Venezuelan society to demand and support them in their intentions to interfere and intervene in internal affairs of the countries that have been victims of their military actions and the invasion of sovereign nations geographical areas according to the provisions of international law; for as the "Outlaw capitalist empire USA" has always refused to sign international conventions and treaties aimed at respect for human rights and respect for the sovereign right of self-determination of nations to resolve their own legal, internal affairs; consequently the US with its huge military-industrial might has become the "great cop PISTOLERO criminal" who executes him to economically weak nations with the complacent pandering of the remaining 192 countries of the UN, unfortunately including those governed by ideologies Socialists.

    This humble thinker really not understand why the nations that are Emerging Powers and have permanent representation and vote in the Security Council of the UN, as are Russia and China Federation since the Security Council began its first meeting on 17 December 1947 (68 years ago) to the present date, their presidents and foreign ministers have not yet succeeded in developing a program to achieve plan the plenary session of the UN composed of the 193 countries with the exception of the USA Britain and Israel, which always come together to trample international law from other member nations of the UN; I repeat do not understand why the emerging powers have not used your great diplomatic skills to achieve restructure the Security Council by increasing the number of its constituent nations and changing laws or law that applies to all nations of this Council including temporary have a voice and vote, in order not to continue humilladamente allowing the US, is still considered the police, the prosecutor and the judge of the world, this belief that has allowed him to clean bombing destroyed a significant number of nations that are members of the General Council of that multilateral body; as well the US is known to succeed in imposing their policies of interference, invasion and economic enslavement to force war criminal actions, created for this purpose in Europe to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an organization that has destroyed this fateful wars many of the countries that were part of the former Soviet Union (Balkan Wars), the countries of the "Horn of Africa" ​​and much of the Arab countries with so-called "Arab Spring".

     To submit with its military and economic power to the countries of the American continent and deposing rulers who are not related to shouldnít policies and spoliation of the Mineralogical natural resources (oil, gas, precious metals, iron, coltan), vegetable, water resources or other steric value for its economic development, the USA with the unconditional support of rulers sepoys designs and applies the famous "Plan Condor" (treacherous assassins military dictators of their homelands) with absolute war, financial and training support; In addition to soften or real rulers intimidate supporters of their countries, which have opposed the political arruinanates economic neo Liberals contained in the FTAA - ppt, creates the "Rio Treaty" or inter-American Treaty of reciprocal assistance and to protect the countries of the American continent of the invasions by the European empires; to teach the military in Latin American, to object to prevent at any cost, the rise of leaders and organizations of the left opposed to the policy of neo-slavery, to achieve such purpose creates the fearsome and famous "School of the Americas" in Panama and more recently created the southern command with a powerful fleet air and sea and with the country's rulers anti attitude sepoys installed seven military bases in Colombia and six bases with equal power, scattered on the Caribbean coast.

     All this unusual demonstration of power military aimed to intimidate those or those leaders (as) regional to not be related to their policies of domination; Thanks to the courageous attitude of the WTDC. Dr. Fidel Castro, the Cmdt. Dr. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna "Che Guevara" and other very brave cooperators, who 62 years (July 1953 - July 2015); on a small Caribbean island (Cuba - David) manage to give a magnificent example of struggle and dignity to the world, demonstrating that if it is possible to stop the immoral and excessive ambitions of the powerful Empire outlaw capitalist (Goliath - USA); socialist revolutionary political attitude that served as example to the young Venezuelan military led by our WTDC. Supreme and eternal Hugo Chávez giving the coup in union of left political groups, military in 1992 against the corrupt government and sellout of CAP; then after paying prison, leaving the steadfast support of the humble people and much of the Patriot middle class; He manages to convince the people of Venezuela that was possible to peacefully and through the election, defeating the bourgeois sells homeland; Therefore during 16 years in a row with more virtues than errors, the Venezuelan socialist revolution with the support of the Cuban revolution and other sister countries, manages to dignify the existence of economically weak people.

     They are two years of atrocious asymmetric War IV generation, which has been implementing the Government of the United States with its different "presidential puppets" and its cooperating endogenous (bourgeoisie Venezuelan - political organizations of ultra right and right with some support of misnamed leftist groups", develop communicational terrorist war, this political seditious attitude, which has continued to govern any Outlaw Empire spokesman at President Nicolas Maduro in peace and quiet; all the days and months of the year capitalist, issue declarations of the form "Triangulada" today declares John Kelly head of southern command, considering that it will intervene in our country militarily and that to save him from the economic crisis, then the Secretary of Estado John Kerry poses that the Venezuelan State violates human rights, President Santos of Colombia immorally declares that our country's electoral system is not reliable , all this caterva bandits with the complicity of the Colombian leaders Álvaro Uribe and Juan Manuel Santos, the former Panama President Martinelli, the criminal capitalist Empire has destabilized the Venezuelan economy, through smuggling of extraction of all kinds of production, paralysis of the productive apparatus by entrepreneurs (ACE) organized in FEDECAMARAS, sabotage in the price of a barrel of oil on an international scale; all this unfortunate socio political situation has also had some support with the behavior of corruptive of an important group of both civil and military, public officials who claim to be revolutionary, but operate as "Column V" in favour of the permanent plot.

     Definitely the outlaw capitalist Empire of the United States, despite having injected substantial resources in dollars to the Venezuelan opposition of stateless, fails to convince the majority people to stop being socialist revolutionary and then support his proposal of neo economic liberalism that implanted the IMF and the World Bank, economic policy that has ruined economies and the trim you productive European countries and others who have followed its plan of action, macro and micro-economic neo-liberal.

     In the forthcoming elections of the next December 6, our citizenry will come in peace to bear in order to choose the parliamentary or congressional of your choice; but this does not mean that our organs of State security and the rest of the powers of the Venezuelan State, will allow the alteration of our peace of mind and holiday break from; because if our sister Republic of Cuba and the brother people of Vietnam were able to stop the aspirations of the empire to trample on their sovereignty, our beloved homeland venezuelan legitimate child of our liberators Simon Bolivar, Hugo Chavez and all the brave heroes of our independence, it will also do this you can be sure the ones who run the flight "The tyrant imperial eagle gringa" as you will see.

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