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02 Feb

Proposals to get out of the economic crisis of war.

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  1. By: Freddy Marcial Ramos.
  2. 02/02/2021
  4.          In principle, in order to stabilize and strengthen the national currency, the Bolivar, in the short, medium and long term, an organic law should be drafted or reformed, debated and approved with the advice of experts and renowned socialist revolutionary economists who have been making important and assertive  proposals regarding economic policy, in order to strengthen family and labor income;  whose law that allows to establish clear and forceful legal criteria aimed at regulating a transparent exchange control that adapts without hindrance to the variations of the currency system not dependent on the dollar, in the international exchange market, based on the crypto currency Petro as virtual currency  for financial transactions both in exports and imports required to strengthen the industry or other economic operations, in addition to creating the Bolívar Oro whose nominal value is equal to or greater than the value of the dollar, the euro, or another currency, all of this to  allow the recovery of the production of the oil industry and the functionality of the endogenous national economy.
  5.          The Venezuelan basic industrial productive macro economy must be financed and managed with mixed capital (51% State shares and 49% private capital (No swallow), whether national or international.
  6.         The economic policy similar to that of China, Russia, Belarus, Vietnam should be assumed;  countries that are governed under socialist ideology, but that have managed to strengthen their economies under that inclusive economic scheme;  Part of this development model, is provided for in Title VI, Chapter I of our constitutional framework and in the content of the Special Plan for the Homeland Law.
  7.          The legal framework that regulates the Patent Registry should be reformed and updated, in relation to guaranteeing the obsolute national sovereignty of certain technological inventions aimed at strengthening and making the industrial park sustainable in the extraction and industrialization of mineral raw material or other resource  natural and the production of food, medicine and other goods and services;  in whose legal reform articles must be inserted whose content prevents foreign private capital from sabotaging the normal national economic development and the ruling politicians of the day, not cooperating or uspicen the detriment of the productive system.
  8.         In addition, some extremely protectionist laws in the labor sector must be reformed, since they contain many extenuating factors that prevent the dismissal of workers who are unproductive and incompetent in the execution of their productive tasks;  the oil industry and other basic state companies are saturated with unproductive workers in all areas, from senior management to workers who practice parasitic behavior and lend themselves to sabotage the production and productivity of the company.
  9.          The current revolutionary state should not boast of having low unemployment, maintaining a parasitic and unproductive payroll in ministerial offices, governorships, mayors, in companies and corporations or any other labor sector of the central, regional and municipal government.
  10.         The private sector of the economy in medium and small industry, in the artisanal sector, and the agricultural and livestock peasant sector should be promoted and supported with emphasis.
  11.          Once the productive supply has been guaranteed in the food, medicinal and mechanical metal fields;  Productive trade exchange agreements must be signed with countries that have a desire to invest in our nation with "No swallows" capital, in order to raise and strengthen GDP in a sustainable way.
  12.         The economic maintenance of political organizations must be eliminated, at the cost of the economic capital of state and private companies.
  13.        I humbly believe that with this concept of a mixed economy, in the short, medium and long term, it would be possible to get out of the unproductive rentier economy and move towards a sustainable economy with an anti-imperialist armor.
  14.  Excuse my utopian dream;  I clarify I am not an economist, I am a modest Abg.  and Pedagogue.
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