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31 Mar

Mexico is not the only country that hides deaths and the number of people infected with COVID 19.

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 By: Freddy Marcial Ramos.

 Respectable readers and readers.

         Today, when reading a news report published by Russia Today - Tv, in whose content it is commented that the Mexican government authorities for every 6 people who report as deceased due to the very fatal corona virus, there are 10 people who have died from the same pandemic cause.  counted, consequently we ask ourselves: Is the Mexican government the only one that hides the results of real cases of pandemic affectation, both in the number of deaths (decuyus), and at the level of infections ?;  Excuse me but I think the answer is definitely No!  and I state it with knowledge of the cause, because in the Caroní Municipality of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, valued personal friends have died due to the COVID pandemic, who have not been named in the daily reports published by the authorities in the various media  communication of the revolutionary state;  All these deceased people resided in the Unare Parish of the Caroní Municipality, which I do not mention their names and surnames out of respect and consideration for their relatives, only in the community where I reside they died as far as I have information, between the month of February and March of this  year 2021, six people, one female and five male;  During the past year, four male friends who also resided in Unare Parish died, which were not reported as perished due to a pandemic cause;  and even one of them who was a Lawyer and Alternative Social Communicator;  that by the time she was infected with COVID, she was Director of the radio station "La Voz de Guayana".

    Regarding the number of people infected by COVID, whose information is also published daily through the various media, written, radio and television, by ministerial authorities of the revolutionary government, they are not reliable either, since the regional authorities and  municipalities responsible for reporting the results of infected and deceased by the pandemic, do not transmit to the national situational room that attends the pandemic condition, the exact reality of the infected population;  I responsibly raise it because I am a spokesperson for the socio-political community struggle in the residential sector where I live, in which in 2020, tests were not applied to verify if there were infected with corona virus and so far in 2021, due to community pressure  to the municipal health authorities, only one test has been applied, which yielded a result of seven infected people;  also as an Alternative Social Communicator, I permanently receive information from neighbors and other national and international sources through the social network and various community information media;  about infected and deceased persons;  Most of the informants state that the tests applied in the communities are very scarce and that they have great difficulty in burying or cremating their relatives;  but also to detect pandemic contagion;  One of the reasons put forward by the health authorities as to why such tests are not carried out is that they lack the inputs required to achieve this objective;  In the Venezuelan case, it is justified, since our country has been economically very affected by the economic blockade and other arbitrary and illegal economic sanctioning measures applied by the outlaws of the United States and the European Union;  But the townspeople wonder why the Cuban revolutionary government, which has over 60 years of blockade and economic sanction imposed by US rulers, manages to apply tests to detect pandemic contamination, to more than 80% of its population?  While other countries governed by politicians with a pro-Yankee right-wing ideology, who evidently have not been victims of such criminal economic sanctions imposed by the decadent capitalist empire, do not apply tests to detect the exact number of people infected with corona virus.

      The answer to this question is that the revolutionary socialist government of Cuba, from the beginning of its revolutionary process, assumed as State policy to give priority to efficient attention to health, education and sports of the Cuban people;  For this reason, it allocates a high percentage of its annual budget to adequate health care and other decent social care plans for the residents of this very fighter and combatant Caribbean nation.  Therefore, the statistics that it publishes daily on the totality of deaths and infected due to the COVID pandemic are quite credible.
 The precise way to obtain accurate data on the real number of people infected with the COVID pandemic is by applying the various tests selected for this purpose;  But if the application of the tests to detect pandemic contagion, the pro-rightist governments or other mixed idologicame, commercialize said tests so that the private entrepreneurs of the health sector obtain juicy monetary gains;  the economically weak people have no economic possibility to apply these tests;  therefore it is subject to being affected by a high mortality rate due to the contagion of COVID;  Consequently, it is not convenient for the rulers of the various countries both in the American continent and in the rest of the countries of the world with very few exceptions to publish the real truth about the totality of deaths and infections caused by the corona virus;  consequently they publish false data on the real statistics of the pandemic affectation.

       The worldwide tendency of the population to not respect the anti-pandemic prevention protocol recommended by the WHO;  it is very persistent and therefore it is almost impossible for the government authorities to stop the violent expansion of the affectation of such a dangerous disease;  consequently they proceed to publish through the various media, inaccurate results of the real contagion of people who die or suffer from such a terrible pneumological flu pandemic.

     So it is not only the Mexican government that hides the real results of contagion and death of the population due to COVID contagion, now mutated with the Brazilian strain that has the greatest risk of contagion and fatality.


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