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20 Oct

Political convulsion and ideological confusion between capitalism and the socialism

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For: Freddy Marcial Bunches
Respectable readers and readers.
It is really surprising to observe as the ideological behavior of a human being has gotten distorted medialy on one's last legs decades of the XXIth century; In general, they have defined during the history of the behavior of a human being two doctrinaire ideologies very determined, that namely they are: The capitalism according to the theory of Adán Smith (1723-1790), himself existing like social science to finalize medievalism and to initiate the modern era; Later on the contemporary era, it is reoriented toward the conception of neoliberalism (Máxima expression of the neo esclavismo); It all for the need partner economic of a human being egocentric with vital mercantilist concept, to control the media of production, just as Bourdieu addresses it, given an appointment for Roberto Armando Mejia F in his titled article Modernidad, capitalism and social sciences in college;  Put forward Bourdieu than.comprende the scientific field like a field where an infighting takes place mediated for acquaintances of forces, monopolies, strategies, interests and profits, define the scientific field like “ the place of a competitive fight that he deems as defied specific the monopoly of the scientific authority (1997: p12), http://www.uaeh.edu.mx.
Once this ideological concept was contrasted, as it is well known Marxism comes from from the decade 1,840 theory idealized by German Carlos Marx, in the content of your titled work The Capital; Ideological criteria partner politic, juridical and economic, guided to establish that the State like ruling administrative politic economic entity, cultural and teaching partner of a country or nation; He is who should control the development and the media of commodity production, with the purpose of later on being distributed equally between the integrating human beings of the society; In order to avoid that egocentrism mercantilist particularist, continue exploiting the human effort in the various areas and manners of production; Known theoreticians, statesmen, political leaders and judges I eat: Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov Lenin, Mao Zedong, Friedrich Engels??, Among others, those who accompanying and backing up the emancipatory fights of the working class, managed to establish scientific ideological, orientated criteria to exterminate the capitalist enslaving conception and neo exploitative of the human effort in the development of a vital worthy fixed existence in the respect to the Fundamental Human Right within the productive space and of cooperative communal get-together.
But in the present-day era Post modern, that he initiates a finished time the II WORLD WAR (1,947 1,948), the egocentric concept capitalist led by the industrial (Jews) Anglo-Saxon North American and English potentates, invented and they imposed the Internet as part of the media of communication dominants and alienating situations of the human thought, which control in your own way, in order to impose and to hold your neoliberal orientated policies to achieve the optimal cost-reducing development excluding; In such sense they changed the classical warlike way to execute the rough-hewing wars, in order to impose an innovative strategy or concept of execution of multiform, orientated war to achieve your very criminal and diabolical purposes of domination, in consequence condition the human thought medialy, in order that himself car immolate and accept your car personal destruction and the one of his native fatherland.
For such ideological criteria, he has come back generating a very dangerous political convulsion and ideological confusion between capitalism and the socialism; It is for it than people with very good human feelings, principles and ethical moral values, which express when they are: Solidary, cooperative, respectful, empáticos, honest, humble constant fighters for the right to his worthy existing vital vehement defenders of sovereignty and independence of your country; But there are other human beings, whose everyday conduct is diametrically opposed to your fellowman's honorable behavior, because they are: Dishonest, compulsive, vicious, kleptomaniac mythomaniacs, extreme violent, drug-addict, criminal, enslaving, hypocritical, disloyal, egocentric, particularists, extreme ambitious, between other serious defects of the personal behavior.
But these two types of personal profiles, ideologically tend to become confused, since there are many people of noble human feelings, than confused mind serve in the army and the capitalist imperialist, neoliberal, mercantilist ideology, particularist, extreme criminal defend Machiavellian; When on the contrary that human being of noble feelings, the activist should be socialistic; While the people with behavioral perverse profiles, should become of capitalist ideology; Motivated to that one very mentally ill conduct manipulated medialy, is than in the electoral political processes that come true to elect rulers of the public powers; The monarch manipulated town, choose to choose and granting him cost-reducing political power, to his future executioner; Next when he is informed that it has been used by the political leadership and conduct begins to feel the dressing chisel capitalist neoliberal profit of his rulers, since said Presidente of the Republic, your ministerial cabinet, the legislators and the judges, firman political cost-reducing agreements with the multilateral organs neo enslaving capitalists imperialists anchored in International Monetary Fund, the Worldwide Bank and other financial entities, the deceived town, it is treated with extreme injustice, since these entitiesAnd international), all the media of production and entrepreneurial productivity, the public services of: Cheers, education. Electricity, telephony, certainty, communication, drinkable and suited someone's purposes water, among others; Natural resources mineralógicos, aquifers, fauna and flora etc.
Besides the politic governing mercenary genuflexos the fatherland sells, they should exonerate the entrepreneurial, payment emporiums of taxes and other tributes, making the constitutional text, the frame and legal system suitable, in order that the juridical behaviors of criminal investigation and stand licia, protect and favor the interests of the capitalist detractor; Right after all that crass error committed by the humble town economically weak, he feels the imperious need to express by means of the popular street protests, the traitor and undue behavior of your rulers, those who to control or to decry the fight of street, they infiltrate between the remonstrative groups, to very dangerous criminals, in order that they murder the popular leaders of the party and commit every kind of vandal acts; But besides they choose people with tall psychological criminal profile and drug addiction, in order to train them in the most perverse murderous and transgressing behaviors, in order to be used in the police forces, the military and paramilitary appliance; They shop to fecal of the Court Level Office Of Public Prosecutor and to Jueces Tribuna licios, for to achieve the lowfare against opposing political leaders and that your criminal behaviors are not judged neither passed judgement and to saw the perverse picture of behavior capitalist bandit, they buy the scarce ethics and morality of social communicators (Journalists and mercenary publicists palangristas), in order that in your media laboratories, design and publish your trashes and falke news, defamatory mythomaniacs.         


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