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01 Aug

Anti-socialism capitalism and its destabilizing outlaw performance.

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By Freddy Marcial Ramos.


Respectable readers and readers.
Continuing with the narrative regarding the ideological attitude of anti-socialism capitalism and its destabilizing outlaw performance, it is relevant to cite a public statement issued by the magnanimous statesman former president Cmdt. Hugo Chávez Frías, who, when commenting on the extremely high and very desperate political and economic behavior of the shareholder owners of the industrial corporations and their respective cooperating mercenary political criminals; Faced with such vile behavior, Cmdt. Chávez said “It is also clear that the capitalist world-system is going through a structural crisis that can become terminal, therefore it becomes extremely dangerous: a crisis that, due to its catastrophic magnitude, forces us politically, as Martí would say, to clarify and anticipate every day”(http://www.saber.ula.ve); consequently, that anti-homeland leadership, which has great economic support to finance its advertising and communication campaigns, aimed at selling image marketing as supposed great "Humanist" leaders who defend the economic development of the economically weak social class, but who Once the electoral victory has been achieved, they proceed from the upper echelons of the political-economic mandate, to modify the entire legal establishment and its respective system, so that the legal and political decision-making favors the economic interests of those who financed the electoral campaigns. ; defending fascist and terroristically the interests of those great magnates who control the sphere: Banking, metallurgical, mining, oil, arms, transportation, pharmacological, communicational and agricultural; but also that a good part of those great capitalist magnates are disguised partners of the mafia gangsters, who financially control the illegal industry that produces psychotropic drugs and their respective chains of trafficking, distribution, sale of drugs and all kinds of criminal illicit activity.
The despair of the decadent capitalist empire is such that the US as the leading country - controller of the neoliberal capitalist ideological thesis, mentalized and directed by the so-called "Tink Tank Neocons", as it is already well known, has called itself " Gendarme, Prosecutor and Judge ”with competence to arbitrarily sanction, all the ruling political leadership or not, who oppose the economic political detractor and other expansion plans conceived in the neoliberal capitalist ideological concept which is (Aphartei, neocolonial, neo slave owner, investor and extreme warmonger); All this outlaw US government management has been carried out with the genuflex cooperation of the equally thinking economic political leadership, which governs the misnamed European Union, some countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America; In order to develop such nefarious industrial and economic development plans, they rely on multilateral organizations created since 1945, to control and guarantee respect for world political peace, ideological independence, geographical and socio-political sovereignty, in addition to other guarantees implicit in Fundamental Human Right, contained in the so-called United Nations Charter, signed on June 26, 1945 and then in the Rome Statute created on July 17, 1998.
But such multilateral bodies such as: The UN and its misnamed Security Council, the OAS, the IACHR, the TIJ, the ICJ, among others, which are mainly made up of people with ideologies related to neoliberal capitalism and therefore, are made "Turning a blind eye" not to punish the extreme criminal outlaw improper behavior, assumed by the US rulers and their cooperators, since the US finances their work or professional performance within those organizations; but it is relevant to take into account that all this occurs, due to the disunity of the political leadership of socialist ideology, or political thought different from the neoliberal capitalist ideology. For the aforementioned reasons and many others, it is that US rulers and their cooperating partners abrogate the right to: Bomb with impunity the physical industrial and residential infrastructure, public administration buildings, health centers, schools, destruction of railways, roads, airports, sea and river ports, unpunished murders of defenseless people and many other attacks or destruction. But in addition to what was destroyed by the terrifying war, the State and Treasury Departments or (Ministries), controlled by the United States Congress, the Executive Power and the Pentagon or (Ministry of Defense), together with their cooperators The EU and other related rulers are given the tupe to: block, sabotage, boycott and economically sanction the economy and the means of production of countries whose rulers do not share the neoliberal capitalist ideology, including economic and legal sanctions against the leadership that make up socialist political organizations or opposition to neoliberal capitalism; An example of this is the entire inhumane outlaw attitude applied to: Cuba, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, now sanctioning Peru, Iran, China, North Korea, Russia, among others; that desperate decadent capitalist empire, as it is well known, has been destroyed by war in the last decades of the twentieth centuries and what goes on in the twenty-first century to: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and other countries of the African continent.

That desperate and extremely dangerous neoliberal capitalist empire, not only applies military aggressions against the country and against humanity, but also now executes the so-called "Multifactorial Asymmetric Wars" Using for this purpose its media communication industry to alienate the psyche of the Internet user to through the social network, radio, television, cinematography, the written press and advertising. In order to condition consumers' minds, so that they can immolate themselves; for asymmetric warfare, it uses the most terrible criminal-minded people, such as: hitmen, drug traffickers and paramilitaries; In addition to training the military and police with terrible criminal actions, to achieve such nefarious purposes, they induce and instruct people to consume psychotropic drugs, before going to attack peaceful people who attend public marches, to protest the very harmful socio-economic policies that apply to them to neo enslave or neo exploit them.

Concluding with the words of Pope Francis, "Now they apply the third world war to us in drops"

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