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06 Sep

Que difícil se hace defender la revolución socialista de Venezuela

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 By: Freddy Marcial Ramos
 Republished: 05/26/2016
 Respectable readers and readers.
 The unbridled determination of the supremacist capitalist hegemon empire coordinated by the US political and economic power, with the unrestricted cooperation of the Latin American sepoy rulers and the ultra-right-wing neo-liberal fascist part of the European Union (Spain, France, England and Germany), does not cease or faint. In their efforts to conspire, hit, and economically block our Venezuelan homeland, they defame and blackmail the ruling revolutionary leadership;  all this in order to defeat the Venezuelan socialist revolutionary process, psyched up and developed by the magnanimous statesman Cmte.  Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías (+) and now led by Mr. President Nicolás Maduro Moros;  revolutionary socialist worker leader who with statesmanship political ability has managed to stay in government power, with the unconditional support of the FANB binomial and the economically weak people, who have been able to resist the great economic, political and social pressure and have also resisted being totally manipulated by the media and social networks, which daily bombards the minds of the people with their false and very news or messages published on social networks.
 But it must also be recognized that in matters of the exercise of governmental force, he has been very cavalier and extremely tolerant;  for the Moral and Judicial Powers;  In addition, the government's indifference and inefficiency at the regional and municipal level, (Governors, Mayors, Directors or managers, spokesmen of the central government, Public Ministry, Courts, GNB, PNB and other police forces, assume an accomplice behavior with the commercial sector controlled by the criminal. bourgeoisie coordinated by FEDECAMARAS, VENANCHAN and other chambers, distributors and commercial, that daily assault the pockets of the economically weak social class.
 This pro-Yankee bourgeoisie has managed to assertively paralyze the production and productivity of food, medicine and other basic mass consumption items;  but they have also managed to pulverize a good part of the socio-economic protection policies and State policies decreed by the President.  Nicolás Maduro and his economic cabinet, aimed at providing a solution in the short, medium and long term to the economic crisis that dangerously affects our country today, hyper incarnating with impunity and daily, the cost of food, medicine and other consumption items massive basic;  mocking the power of the revolutionary state.
 For more than three years now, I have been giving my opinion on this very serious problem, which persists in affecting credibility in the revolutionary process and with each passing day it becomes very difficult to defend the revolutionary process before the beaten people who have a short memory and circumstantial emotional socialist ideology, all this is generated by the government leadership misnamed revolutionary socialist ruling both civil and military, does not effectively apply the law to punish the commercial criminal;  only the non-existence of a coherent opposition that offers Venezuelan society a credible national economic recovery plan, in the short and medium term;  because that political leadership is extremely mercenary and sells country;  This highly disjointed pro-Yankee opposition fails to capitalize on national discontent in the electoral processes that have been carried out throughout the 19 years of governance of the revolutionary process;  only in 2015 did they manage to win a parliamentary majority in the National Legislative Assembly;  but their corruption and anti-patriotic attitudes led them to lose the credibility of the voting people.
 To refresh memory, I republish the content of the article (2015 - 2016).
 This opinion type correspondence sent to the then Pdte.  of the National Legislative Assembly, Deputy Diosdado Cabello, published it almost a year ago, but the social, political and economic situation continues to worsen even more;  to the point that the "Bachaqueril" action both at the distribution and marketing levels exercised by: Producers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers "Bachacas (os), winemakers, supplies, supermarkets and hypermarkets, sellers of food and medicinal products, hygiene, vehicle spare parts and other items of basic mass consumption, are each day that passes more difficult to acquire, despite the fact that the people still have a moderate purchasing power; since the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, complying with the provisions of the CRBV and the LOTTT regarding progressive increases in the urban minimum basic wage, in order to balance family income, violently hit by the unstoppable inflationary variable induced.
 But unfortunately the revolutionary socialist state still "DOES NOT PUNCH MINGO BALL";  because the annoying people have decided to support with their vote in the last parliamentary elections the ultra-rightist fascist political factors and pro-imperial yankee - US rightists, giving them a relative majority in the National Assembly;  As a result of this political and economic situation, Pdte.  Nicolás Maduros removed almost the entire ministerial train and has undertaken a set of new political actions by the State, to stop the destabilizing conspiratorial coup actions directed by the US embassy in our country through VENANCHAN, with the strict cooperation of the Creole bourgeoisie through FEDECAMARAS;  consequently the Pdte.  Maduro and his new ministerial train that constitute the "Economic - Productive Cabinet", has fostered the search for consensus among the patriotic industrial productive economic sector of our country, in order to make effective his new economic development plan which he has called " Engines of economic development - Productive "to enhance all areas of production and non-oil sustainable industrial manufacturing productivity, in agricultural areas, the pharmaceutical, automobile, food and other goods-service industries.
 Despite all this gigantic economic political effort, the economic crisis and social discontent, it becomes even more remarkable, since a very high percentage of the Venezuelan population manipulated by the media continues to increase worryingly;  I have verified the opinion of people belonging to economically weak social classes and the malaise is almost collective;  which indicates that the reactionary opposition political factors have been achieving with relative success, "TWISTING THE ARM TO THE REVOLUTIONARY STATE";  so much so that if a recall referendum were held for Pdte.  Maduro at this time, possibly the President was revoked and the socialist revolutionary process could be eradicated, bringing with it a serious and costly blow to the socially protected sectors and the advances in terms of socio-economic protection guarantees would disappear, since the IMF and the World Bank, would impose the economic development agenda without social inclusion;  In addition, the US and the EU would appropriate with impunity the immense oil, mineralogical and natural wealth that our country possesses.
 Below is the content of the article published in 2015.
 Comrade Diosdado.
 How difficult it is making us defend our revolutionary process, since the reactive inertia of the State (Moral Power, Judicial Power, Legislative Power and Executive Power), to enforce our CRBV and the respective laws, to sanction and imprison unscrupulous merchants, to object to eradicate with the urgency it deserves, the: "Hyper speculative inflation, the ruinous and unstoppable smuggling of extraction, the psychotic Bachaqueo executed by a very high percentage of dissociated women, with right-wing ideology and a few so-called socialist revolutionaries, many of them protected by the Mission "Madres del Barrio", the hoarding and concealment of food and mass basic consumption products, the unethical and anti patriotic behavior of many military personnel (Troop and a good number of high, medium and low rank officers of the GNB, PNAB, state and municipal police, who secretly attack the revolutionary process  , by being accomplices or participants in the abnormality in the supply and marketing of the merchandise that citizens require for their subsistence, the permanence of lazy and inefficient Ministers, Vice Ministers and Ministerial Directors incapable of giving an urgent solution to the very serious economic problem that affects Today to our nation, the manifest inability of the Ministers of the economy to apply policies that allow to neutralize once and for all the damage caused to our currency by the "Parallel Dollar" controlled by the conspiratorial Cucuteña Web Page "Dollar Today"
 All these variables that structure the problem called "Economic Warfare" are what make it difficult for us now to effectively defend the socialist revolutionary process in our Venezuelan homeland.
 Comrade Diosdado.
 When, as part of our town and as an alternative social communicator Ad Hot and writer, I dedicate myself to talking with citizens, in the very long queues that are made to buy food and basic mass consumption products, within the collective transport units , in the classrooms of the universities, in the peasant sectors, in social gatherings, Etc .;  I hear pestilences, curses, accusations against our Constitutional President Mr. Nicolás Maduro, against you, against our brother Cuban people, and in general against all officials and officials who have government responsibility at the central, regional and municipal levels, despite remembering the great benefits that we have achieved with "The Social Missions", the Social Security System, the allocation of old-age pensions, the recognition of multilateral organizations in education and food by the (UN-FAO-Unesco, among others);  despite indicating what is happening today in Europe, the United States and some Latin American countries, in relation to the social abuse and economic ruin that affects the poor and the middle class, generated by the starving economic policies imposed by the IMF and the World Bank. When applying the famous FTA - FTAA and the TCP, the people who exchange opinions with me, desperately want the revolution to disappear, many call us "undesirable hungry communists and thieves".
 Comrade Diosdado.
 You know very well that all this unpleasant national situation is happening to us due to the non-application of a bold and emerging State policy aimed at eradicating once and for all, the delicate domestic economic situation that affects our revolutionary process.  Therefore it is emerging to agree with the national producer, distributor and marketer sector to reduce shortages, neutralize speculative hyperinflation and eliminate the harmful "Bachaqueo".
 Comrade Diosdado.
 The person who writes this note has been since 1999, a "Guerrilla of the keyboard" a common citizen of the town who communicates permanently with the citizens and publishes his modest opinions on the pages.  Revolutionary websites: Aporrea.Org, Hermes Internacional and in the Yuyalikgua Blog, if you will read my modest writings, you will see the tenacious defense of our revolutionary process, but also of some criticisms and warnings that I have made;  By assuming my patriotic socialist ideological political position, I have earned some rejection and mistreatment, even from those who are supposedly socialist militants of the PSUV and the GPP, but I know that the only thing that can guarantee the well-being of the people and of our Latin America, is our revolutionary socialist process;  therefore I insist on their defense.
 But comrade Diosdado, you cannot imagine how much it costs me to defend our revolution;  Is it possible that the capitalist Empire defeats us for not acting effectively in time?  If that happens, our Giant Cmdt.  Eternal Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, he will never forgive us.
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